Interior Towing and Recovery

Meet the Interior Towing and Recovery Team

In 1987, Mark (Doc) Davis started a small towing and salvage operation out on Van Horn Road in Fairbanks. Since that time, the business has grown to encompass three divisions of service with towing and recovery in Fairbanks taking center stage. Over the years, Interior Towing has become a trusted name locally as well as all across the state of Alaska. People have come to rely on our team for top-quality Alaska towing services. This is a big responsibility, but it is one that we welcome and take very seriously.

Back in 1987 when Doc started the company, his children were too small to help out, but now Doc's son, Dan Davis is the manager and director of Interior Towing and Recovery. He strives to carry on his father's legacy and build on the already excellent reputation of the business. The Davis family cares about Fairbanks and North Pole and all of the other Alaska cities they serve; the entire team puts Alaskans first while also offering superior service to our nation's soldiers who live and work in the area.

Meet the Owners

Doc Davis -- Founder and Owner
Dan Davis -- Manager and Director

Helping the Community Grow and Thrive

As life-long Alaskans, Interior Towing is actively involved in many community organizations. Each member of the team feels it is his or her repsponsibility to look out for Fairbanks citizens and extend a helping hand anytime it is needed.

Community Involvement

Eight years as a sponser of District 49B Lions Club
Sponsors the Alaska Make A Wish Foundation through the Fairbanks Police Department
Works with and donates to the local Food Bank and the Rescue Mission each year

Contact Us Today

Interior Towing and Recovery invites you to contact us anytime you wish. Our phone number is (907) 479-4255 and our email address is We can answer any questions you may have or help you schedule one of our services at your convenience.